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October 2016 Archives

International Roadcheck looks to keep roads safe

Louisiana residents may be interested to know that 3.4 percent of drivers given a Level I inspection were taken out of service during the 2016 International Roadcheck 72-hour inspection event that took place between June 7 and June 9. This was according to data released on Oct. 20 by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. In addition 21.5 percent of trucks inspected during the event were put out of service. Brake violations were the most common reason for trucks to be put out of service.

Government proposes new standards for underride guards

Truck drivers in Louisiana and throughout the country may be required to comply with additional regulations for underride guards if a proposal by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is adopted. Underride guards are designed to keep cars from skidding under trucks in an accident and having their tops sheared off. While rear underride guards have been required on commercial trucks since the 1950s, there is no requirement for side underride guards. Furthermore, no standards are in place for the rear underride guards. Therefore, in some cases, they are so poorly made that they do not prevent a car from going under the truck.

Feds aim to eliminate traffic fatalities within 30 years

Louisiana residents who are around 30 years from now may be living in a country where car accident deaths are non-existent.. The Obama administration has set a goal for eliminating all traffic accident deaths and injuries in the next three decades, and the U.S. Department of Transportation believes that this is a realistic possibility.

Study of war veterans shows link between head injury and PTSD

Louisiana veterans who have experienced head injuries may be interested in a recent study of 1,600 Marine and Navy personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to researchers, blows or trauma to the head correlated strongly with the development of post-traumatic stress disorder.