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September 2016 Archives

School bus driver killed in pedestrian accident

On Sept. 19, a Louisiana school bus driver was killed while walking to her bus to start her morning route. The 58-year-old woman was walking across the street near her home in Caddo Parish when she was struck by a Toyota Tercel that was traveling northbound on Mansfield Road.

Growing use of safety technology in all vehicles

Louisiana motorists will be able to take advantage of more vehicle safety technology in the future. Experts say that the new features will lead to greater safety for older drivers in particular. The already-available dashboard cameras that show what is behind a vehicle will be mandatory starting in 2018 while automated emergency brakes will become standard by 2022. Automated parking and adaptive headlights are also on the way.

Unlicensed, undocumented immigrant driving a bus kills two people

In late August, an unlicensed bus driver caused a car collision that resulted in numerous serious injuries, some of which were fatal. Dozens of passengers on the bus were injured while on their way to help clean up the flood damage in Louisiana. Two other people in the vicinity were killed and others were injured.

New rule may limit speed of large trucks

Drivers in Louisiana may be interested to learn that the government may soon impose limits on how fast large vehicles can travel. The new rule, which is being suggested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, would impact trucks and buses of more than 26,000 pounds. These vehicles would be required to have a device installed that prevents them from traveling over a certain speed. Regulators are still deciding whether to cap speeds at 60, 65, or 68 mph.