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How drowsy driving impacts Louisiana drivers

According to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, there are roughly 83.6 million drivers on the road each day who are sleep-deprived. This drowsy driving phenomenon leads to approximately 5,000 deaths a year while costing roughly $109 billion annually. Although tired driving may be a problem, it may be hard to control because drivers may not always be able to recognize when they are too sleep-deprived to get behind the wheel.

Furthermore, drivers may not admit that they were tired when they got into a crash for fear of legal and financial consequences. However, in an effort to combat the danger posed by drowsy drivers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationhas included drowsy driving as a form of impaired driving. It already includes drunk, drugged or distracted driving as impairments. Those most likely to drive while tired include those who work nights or irregular shifts.

Teens and younger adult drivers are also more likely to drive while tired. Another 40 million drivers in the United States may drive tired because of a sleep disorder. Several state governments have collaborated with other groups in their jurisdiction to try to reduce instances of drowsy driving. Efforts included later start times for schools as well as new technology to be used in vehicles. In Utah, signs were posted on highways urging drivers to pull over if they were tired.

Those who suffer injuries in a car accident may wish to pursue legal action against the driver who caused the crash. It may be worthwhile to talk with an attorney who may be able to assist a driver in establishing his or her case. For instance, legal counsel may obtain a driver’s medical records or ask a witness to testify in court to verify a driver’s version of events.

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