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August 2016 Archives

PTSD after a mild TBI

According to a recent study, victims of mild traumatic brain injuries are at a higher risk of also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. These findings could affect the treatment options for Louisiana residents who have suffered mTBIs.

How drowsy driving impacts Louisiana drivers

According to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, there are roughly 83.6 million drivers on the road each day who are sleep-deprived. This drowsy driving phenomenon leads to approximately 5,000 deaths a year while costing roughly $109 billion annually. Although tired driving may be a problem, it may be hard to control because drivers may not always be able to recognize when they are too sleep-deprived to get behind the wheel.

Safe Driver Week focuses on commercial trucking industry

Commercial truck drivers in Louisiana and throughout the country will be the focus of a safety initiative during the week of October 16. Dubbed Safe Driver Week, the purpose is to raise awareness of truck driver safety and focus on enforcing laws.

Distracted driving goes beyond talking and texting

Louisiana drivers may be more aware of the dangers of texting and driving than in the past, but they may be less careful about playing games or engaging with social media while behind the wheel. From Google Maps to Pokemon Go and more, distractions related to cellphones are growing.