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The link between depression and traumatic brain injuries

Louisiana residents who have incurred traumatic brain injuries are at a greater risk of also developing depression as a co-occurring disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, people without any history of mental health issues before suffering brain injuries have a two to five times higher risk of developing depression than do others.

Traumatic brain injuries can happen when a person receives a blunt-force trauma to his or her head. These types of injuries can cause multiple symptoms, including problems with coordination, seizures, difficulty with speaking and others. Often, people also develop mental health symptoms and cognitive problems as well.

Because of the variety of symptoms that people can have following traumatic brain injuries, ongoing treatment may include cognitive behavioral therapy, physical therapy and social therapy. Depending on what part of the brain was injured and how severe the injury is, a person with a traumatic brain injury may require treatment indefinitely. If a person also suffers from depression that is not diagnosed, it will be much more difficult for him or her to be successful in rehabilitative efforts. It is very important that medical professionals use screening tools in order to determine if a patient has developed depression.

Although frequently associated with football and other contact sports, traumatic brain injuries can also occur when people are in motor vehicle accidents. Victims are often left with a permanent disability that alters their life. When the accident has been caused by the negligence of another driver, a personal injury attorney may be of assistance in filing a lawsuit on behalf of the victim seeking appropriate compensation from the at-fault motorist.

Source:, “Risk for depression increases after traumatic brain injury,” Mayo Clinic, June 19, 2016

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