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Safety tips for motorcycle riders

Both beginning and experienced motorcyclists in Louisiana can take steps to protect themselves from injury by understanding the truth behind a number of popular myths. For example, a noisy motorcycle does not let drivers up ahead know that it is approaching. Most of the noise is lost behind the motorcycle. Furthermore, motorcyclists must not assume that they are visible to motorists around them. Riding close to the centerline and wearing reflective clothing can help promote visibility.

Some motorcyclists believe that full-face helmets would impede their ability to see. However, safety standards from the Department of Transportation require that such helmets be designed so that a wearer’s peripheral vision is unaffected. In addition to offering more protection than open-face helmets, they also provide a more comfortable, less distracting ride because motorcyclists do not get rain, wind and bugs in the face.

Big bikes are not safer for beginners than smaller bikes because, in reality, they are more difficult to control. Finally, evidence shows that accidents involving another vehicle are more likely to happen on roads and streets rather than on interstates regardless of the slower speeds on roads.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have to be very concerned about safety because they are so likely to be hurt in an accident. Motorcyclists could end up with serious injuries because they are not protected by the exterior of a vehicle. An insurance company might not pay enough to cover the cost of recovering from those injuries including lost income from work. An attorney might be able to negotiate with the insurance company or take the case to court if necessary.

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