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May 2016 Archives

NSC projects increase in Memorial Day traffic fatalities

The National Safety Council is forecasting the deadliest Memorial Day weekend on America's roads since at least 2009. It estimates that around 439 people will be killed in traffic collisions over the long weekend, along with another 50,500 who will be seriously injured. Louisiana families who are planning a road trip should be extra vigilant.

Safety tips for motorcycle riders

Both beginning and experienced motorcyclists in Louisiana can take steps to protect themselves from injury by understanding the truth behind a number of popular myths. For example, a noisy motorcycle does not let drivers up ahead know that it is approaching. Most of the noise is lost behind the motorcycle. Furthermore, motorcyclists must not assume that they are visible to motorists around them. Riding close to the centerline and wearing reflective clothing can help promote visibility.

2014 truck accident data has been released

Big rigs are a common sight on Louisiana highways, and truck accidents are unfortunately frequently spotted as well. As part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is tasked with the issuance, administration and enforcement of safety regulations for commercial vehicles. The agency issues an annual report containing statistics on fatal as well as non-fatal accidents involving those vehicles, and earlier in 2016 the report covering 2014 was made available. It contained data that some have found to be curious.

TBIs and sleep disorders

A study that has been published in a medical journal suggests that people who suffer traumatic brain injuries could continue to have trouble sleeping for as long as 18 months after the injury date. What might be even more alarming for Louisiana residents is that many sufferers do not know how much disruption this causes to their sleep.