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Misconceptions of hands-free technology

Although some technology in vehicles increases the chances of distracted driving, many Louisiana drivers don’t see it that way. In fact, a majority of drivers around the country believe that hands-free and other devices put into vehicles are safe because the car maker included them. However, the technology in a car is put there more for marketing purposes than safety. Misconceptions such as this on is why April has been designated as Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the National Safety Council.

Cellphones are one of the most common sources of distracted driving. While some believe that talking on the phone without using hands is safe, this is not the case. Regardless of how an individual uses a phone while driving, his or her brain cannot focus on talking and driving at the same time. Therefore, even in states where cellphone use has been banned or limited, it could still pose a danger.

Those who suffer injuries in an auto accident that is caused by a distracted driver may want to have an attorney review the case to determine whether another party’s negligence led to the crash and find evidence to support that view. Physical evidence, witness statements and a police report may all be used in court or during settlement talks to bolster an accident victim’s claim.

In certain circumstances, the distracted driver’s employer may also be held financially responsible for the accident if the driver was working at the time. Compensation may be granted to pay for medical bills and other treatment costs related to injuries suffered in an accident as well as the replacement of wages that were lost during the period of time that the injured victim was unable to work.

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