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Learning more about brain injuries

Brain injuries have been pushed into the limelight in Louisiana and around the country thanks to the NFL and movies such as “Concussion”. While concussions and brain injuries share many traits, a brain injury is different from a concussion as the injured person generally doesn’t lose consciousness as a result of the injury. Regardless, it is recommended that an individual seek medical attention after any type of blow to the head.

The human brain does not sit flush to the skull, which means that it can move around if jolted. This is why an individual may be at risk of severe injury after a fall, a motor vehicle accident or a hard hit during a sporting event. It is possible that many parts of the brain are impacted by a sudden impact. Individuals may be hit closer to the forehead, but experience trouble with balance or memory because the brain moves inside of the head.

An individual may suffer long-term consequences from a head injury that could be hard to quantify. For instance, individuals may suffer fatigue or have to calibrate themselves each time they move to a new setting. Memory loss and confusion may make it difficult to partake in basic activities like making a sandwich or paying a bill.

Those who suffer from head injuries may have to live with a permanent disability. It may be impossible to go back to work or otherwise maintain a steady quality of life. However, those who are injured because of negligence by another party may be entitled to compensation to recoup lost wages and to pay for medical bills and other costs related to the injury. An attorney can assist in seeking these and other damages from the at-fault party.

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