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TBI victims and some common myths

Louisiana patients should be aware of some myths surrounding a traumatic brain injury. The first myth is that all traumatic brain injuries occur with a loss of consciousness while in fact many happen without it. It is also a common misconception among some military members that Kevlar helmets protect against the worst head injuries when closed head wounds, such as concussions, may still occur. Another common myth is that if there is no bleeding, a TBI has not occurred. TBIs may take the form of closed head wounds as well, which means that nothing has penetrated the skull.

Many people believe that a person who looks okay after an impact is fine. In reality, a traumatic brain injury can occur without any outward signs. Even mild TBIs can be debilitating and cause many of the same serious symptoms as more severe injuries, from nausea and vomiting to changes in vision and dizziness. Another popular misconception is that TBIs always show up in brain imaging scans when in fact many go undetected.

The recovery process for a TBI is not as straightforward or immediate as many people believe. Most recoveries take between a couple of days and one month, but many involve setbacks that can extend healing time significantly. It is also a misconception that TBIs always occur with PTSD. Many people with TBIs do not have PTSD, and many of those with PTSD did not sustain TBIs. Other common myths include the idea that neuropsychological testing is not useful in treating a TBI and that those who have sustained such injuries are no longer able to work.

Those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident that was caused by the negligence of another motorist will often require extensive and expensive medical care and treatment. A personal injury attorney can often assist in filing a lawsuit that would seek appropriate compensation from the at-fault driver.

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