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February 2016 Archives

Front crash prevention, autobrake reduce accidents

Drivers in Louisiana who have vehicles with forward collision warning systems and automatic braking are significantly less likely to be in an accident based on a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Forward collision warning systems reduced rear-end crashes by 23 percent while automatic braking brought them down about 40 percent.

Self-driving technology on Louisiana roads

Louisiana drivers may have more options when it comes to buying a car thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's decision to consider the software piloting Google self-driving cars to be the "driver" under federal law. This decision is a significant step towards the acceptance of autonomous vehicles across the country. Google's proposal explained that there is no need for a human driver for its vehicles to operate.

TBI victims and some common myths

Louisiana patients should be aware of some myths surrounding a traumatic brain injury. The first myth is that all traumatic brain injuries occur with a loss of consciousness while in fact many happen without it. It is also a common misconception among some military members that Kevlar helmets protect against the worst head injuries when closed head wounds, such as concussions, may still occur. Another common myth is that if there is no bleeding, a TBI has not occurred. TBIs may take the form of closed head wounds as well, which means that nothing has penetrated the skull.

Brain injury patients and practical recovery methods

Louisiana brain injury victims should be aware of the various things they can do to speed the recovery process. Soldiers are some of the most common victims of brain injury, although many of them may not even remember the explosions and other impacts that led to a concussion. A concussion is any period of unconsciousness lasting less than 30 minutes, but not all concussions involve losing consciousness. Many concussion victims may simply feel confused or stunned.