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NTSB releases 2016 transportation safety list

On Jan. 13, the National Transportation Safety Board issued its 2016 “Most Wanted” safety list for drivers and transportation workers in Louisiana and across the United States. The agency placed particular emphasis on reducing crashes caused by driver fatigue.

Announced during the 95th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, the list names the top 10 safety issues the NTSB hopes to address during the year. In addition to reducing fatigue-related wrecks, the agency said it wants to promote the use of collision-avoidance systems in vehicles, increase the use of recorders and strengthen safety protections for vehicle occupants. It also wants to improve the oversight of railroad transit safety and encourage the completion of railroad safety initiatives. The NTSB also listed four carryover issues from 2015, which include the reduction of distracted driving, ending drug and alcohol impairment in all areas of transportation, requiring medical fitness for duty and preventing aircraft from losing control during flight.

The former chair of the NTSB praised the “Most Wanted” list for including collision-avoidance systems, distracted driving and impaired driving. She noted that, despite the increasing availability of safer vehicles, approximately 35,000 Americans lose their lives in car crashes each year. She said that the agency’s goal is to reduce the annual number of car crash fatalities to zero.

Auto accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that require significant medical care and treatment. Unfortunately, permanent disabilities are not uncommon. Louisiana residents who have been injured in a car accident caused by another party, such as a distracted, impaired or sleep-deprived driver, may want to have the help of an attorney in filing a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation from the negligent motorist for the losses that have been incurred.

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