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January 2016 Archives

Volvo working on super safe car

Louisiana residents may be interested to learn that Volvo is working on a car that could potentially eliminate all car accident deaths. Volvo has been tracking the number of fatalities and serious injuries involving its vehicles, and the Swedish car manufacturer says that it is now using that information to develop a death-proof car.

NTSB releases 2016 transportation safety list

On Jan. 13, the National Transportation Safety Board issued its 2016 "Most Wanted" safety list for drivers and transportation workers in Louisiana and across the United States. The agency placed particular emphasis on reducing crashes caused by driver fatigue.

Senator pushes for action on keyless ignition systems

Louisianans who have vehicles with keyless ignition systems may want to learn about some potentially dangerous problems with them. Unlike keyed ignitions, many keyless systems do not have an automatic turn-off function when a person leaves their car with their key fob.