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Forum discusses the dangers of drowsy driving

Louisiana residents may be surprised to learn how common driving while drowsy is. According to a 2015 survey by the American Automobile Association, more than 40 percent of the drivers who responded said that at some point in their lives, they had fallen asleep at the wheel. It found the tendency to drive while fatigued the highest in the 19-24 age group with 39.6 percent reporting they struggled to stay awake while driving in the preceding month. Overall, 31.5 of drivers reported the same problem.

During National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, a forum was held in Washington, D.C., called Asleep at the Wheel. On November 4, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration representative spoke at the forum and reported that around 5,000 to 7,000 deaths happen annually as a result of drowsy driving.

He also reported that of major National Transportation Safety Board highway investigations between 2001 and 2012, fatigue contributed to almost 40 percent of the accidents. For all NTSB major investigations, it was a factor in 20 percent of accidents. Another study by AAA in 2010 found that 16.5 percent of fatal traffic accidents occurred due to fatigue.

Serious injuries as the result of an accident that happens due to drowsy driving might include traumatic brain injuries and temporary or permanent paralysis. Individuals might face weeks or months of recovery, or they may never fully recover. Their livelihood and lifestyle may change significantly, and the responsible driver’s insurance company may not offer enough compensation to pay for medical expenses and other costs. Injured victims may thus wish to speak to an attorney about the advisability of filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver seeking appropriate damages.

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