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November 2015 Archives

Concussion risks high for student athletes

Some Louisiana residents may view concussions as relatively minor injuries after when they see that professional athletes with them tend to miss only a few weeks of action, but many medical experts would disagree. The National Football League has received criticism for not making enough of an effort to protect players from the risk of recurrent head trauma, and younger athletes may be even more vulnerable to concussions. Children rarely play sports like football, hockey or lacrosse with teams of qualified medical personnel looking on, and concussions suffered while playing contact sports send about 175,000 children to American emergency rooms each year.

Forum discusses the dangers of drowsy driving

Louisiana residents may be surprised to learn how common driving while drowsy is. According to a 2015 survey by the American Automobile Association, more than 40 percent of the drivers who responded said that at some point in their lives, they had fallen asleep at the wheel. It found the tendency to drive while fatigued the highest in the 19-24 age group with 39.6 percent reporting they struggled to stay awake while driving in the preceding month. Overall, 31.5 of drivers reported the same problem.

Cheerleaders at risk for suffering brain injuries

Louisiana cheerleaders are reportedly at risk for serious brain injuries. As cheerleading has evolved throughout the last decade, competitive cheerleaders are being pushed to do more dangerous stunts, tumbling passes and dance motions. In 2013, cheerleading injuries reportedly caused more than half of all major injuries among female athletes.