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Injuries from accidents may not be immediately apparent

Louisiana residents should be aware that the harm done by involvement in a car accident does not necessarily manifest instantly, nor is it always confined to the purely physical. In the days after an accident has occurred it is necessary for those involved to carefully observe their physical and psychological state for evidence of latent injuries.

Two areas of the body that are highly vulnerable to the impact of a car collision are the brain and the spine. Whiplash injuries and other traumatic brain events can take hours or longer to fully appear, and their symptoms may be difficult to accurately detect even then. Psychological trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder is also a possibility after undergoing a deeply upsetting event such as a car accident.

Muscular and skeletal injuries can also be serious in scope but limited in their ability to be detected by emergency medical personnel. The harm done to the brain, skeleton and musculature can surface over the days and weeks afterward. Some issues, like headaches and PTSD, can seem innocuous but contain deeper ramifications. For example, a blood clot can form from internal bleeding or natural healing processes, placing the injured person in imminent danger of a stroke or other adverse circulatory event.

Even though the damage may not have been instantly apparent during the aftermath of the accident and the initial medical examination, any injuries that result from an accident are the responsibility of the negligent driver who caused them. Those who have been the victim of an impaired or distracted driver may want to speak with a personal injury attorney about the ways in which compensation can be pursued.

Source: KTAR, “7 delayed injury symptoms after a car crash”, Alex Bigham, Sept. 1, 2015

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