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Drug may reduce inflammation following a TBI

Louisiana residents may be interested in a recent study showing that the liver produces a protein that results in inflammation of the brain following a traumatic brain injury. The researchers also found that a drug that is used to treat those who have high blood pressure can block the production of these proteins.

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, the body responds through inflammation of the brain, which can cause additional damage. Inflammation could potentially result in nerve cell death and a loss of blood flow to the area. Prior to the discovery, there was no way to treat it. With the drug, the protein that causes the inflammation may be blocked, thus preventing further brain damage caused by inflammation.

The researchers, using mice as the study subjects, found that a hypertension drug called telmisartan blocked the protein’s biological pathway. This resulted in reduced inflammation by preventing the blood vessels from narrowing and keeping blood pressure from dropping. In an earlier study, it was also found that the same drug and an additional hypertension drug could be used several hours after the brain injury occurred with beneficial results. It was hoped that clinical trials on patients who suffered a traumatic brain injury could begin.

A person who is in a car collision is at risk for suffering a serious traumatic brain injury. Severe head injuries can result in a number of complications down the line and can affect the ability of the victim to lead a normal life or to obtain gainful employment. If the car accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, an attorney may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for past and expected future medical expenses and other appropriate damages.

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