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Video technology addresses large vehicles as driving obstacles

A two-lane highway in Louisiana can become dangerous when slow-moving semi trucks hinder efficient travel. Determining when it is safe to pass can lead to close calls or serious accidents for those who attempt to pass without a clear view of oncoming traffic. The South Korean company Samsung has considered this issue in developing a new safety feature intended for use on high-profile vehicles like semis. Although the system has only been tested in Argentina, a nation known for a high incidenceof traffic accidents, it could offer U.S. residents a safer experience on narrow highways.

Samsung’s system is two-fold, involving a front-facing camera mounted on the grill of a semi truck along with a rear-mounted video screen that broadcasts the front view. This allows those following to see the road ahead as the truck driver sees it, enabling a motorist to make a more informed decision before passing. This creates a huge benefit for reducing passing accidents, but it does not address other serious issues such as truck driver fatigue.

While some regard Samsung’s efforts as positive, others suggest that the video technology is more likely to be a distraction. Other safety technologies are being explored for improving driving safety for all vehicles. Examples include self-driving vehicles. Experts also suggest that in spite of visual information, some drivers will still take unnecessary risks by passing when conditions are unsafe. However, the use of such safety systems could minimize liabilities for trucking companies as safer practices continue to be explored and implemented.

Driver fatigue could lead to a trucker moving at a slow and erratic pace on a two-lane highway, an issue that could lead a driver to pass in an effort to get away from an unsafe situation. If such a situation results in an injury accident, the victim might wish to discuss with an attorney the options for seeking damages from both the truck driver and the trucking company itself.

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