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Study examines complications for head injury victims

Traumatic brain injury does not simply affect the injured person in the short term. According to a recent study, it can also lead to long-term problems and early death. Based on research from two universities in Scotland, there has been a higher rate of death and morbidity for those who suffered brain trauma within the past 15 years. Louisiana residents who have been diagnosed with having a brain injury may want to bear these potential issues in mind as they try to recover.

The study examined 2,428 adults who had suffered mild traumatic brain injury and compared them to people who did not suffer these injuries. Social standing, gender and age were also taken into account. In addition, they were compared to non-brain injury patients who were hospitalized for the same duration as those who did have a brain injury.

The rate of death for those who had traumatic brain injury was higher than either of the other groups. Mild brain injury victims within the age group of 15 to 54 were found to be slightly more than four times as likely to die. Those over the age of 54 were 1.4 times as vulnerable to death. Because of these studies, the conclusion was drawn that adults who suffered traumatic brain injury were at greater risk to die within 15 years.

This information indicates that those who have a suffered head injury may need to be vigilant about health risks even if the injury was mild. Even if there may not have been immediate ramifications, this shows how head injuries can be dangerous. Victims of head injuries may be able to seek accident compensation in a court of law.

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