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Louisiana man faces charges of negligent homicide

A 27-year-old man involved in a collision in February remained at a prison in Donaldsonville on April 22 instead of posting a $100,000 bail. The driver will face felony and misdemeanor charges for a collision that resulted in the death of a 66-year-old SUV driver. Police reports state that there was no evidence that the man had consumed any drugs or alcohol the morning of the Feb. 22 collision, and the driver admitted to having done drugs the previous day.

On the morning of the car accident, the 27-year-old driver was allegedly traveling on Interstate 10 West to his job at a local plant when he struck the other driver, causing both of their vehicles to spin. According to the police report, he was traveling 90 miles per hour when he passed another car and moved back into the lane, hitting the other vehicle. Emergency responders pronounced the 66-year-old driver dead at the scene. Police released the 27-year-old man on bail on the day of the accident and re-arrested and booked him in April.

When he makes his appearance in court, the driver will face negligent homicide and reckless driving charges. Although police have not made the results of the drug and alcohol toxicology screening public, usually negligent homicide charges are brought when drugs or alcohol play a role in an accident.

When fatal car accidents cause the deaths of their family members, siblings, children, spouses or estates in Louisiana may be able to bring wrongful death lawsuits within a year of the date of death. Through these types of lawsuits, individuals can attempt to recover damages for their emotional pain and suffering, burial and funeral costs, loss of consortium and loss of benefits or earning potential. A personal injury lawyer may be able to assist family members in initiating and gathering evidence for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: The Advocate, “Man Arrested in Fatal Crash Acknowledges Drug Use Day Before, But Police Said After Wreck He Didn’t Appear to Be ‘Under the Influence,'” David J. Mitchell, April 22, 2015

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