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Motorcycle accident injures 1 in Louisiana

A motorcyclist was injured in a fiery crash in Metairie during the morning hours of March 2, according to reports. The biker reportedly suffered several fractured bones.

Police say that the accident transpired shortly after 7 a.m. on Causeway Boulevard when a northbound motorcyclist smashed into a vehicle as the vehicle, attempting to make a turn onto Causeway, cut into the path of the oncoming biker. In the impact, the biker was ejected from his motorcycle and suffered non-fatal injuries. A second vehicle was also damaged in the crash when its gas tank was hit by the motorcycle immediately after the initial crash. As a result, the car caught on fire; however, there were no additional injuries, according to the police report.

Emergency personnel who arrived at the scene between 43rd and 44th streets transported the injured motorcyclist to a nearby hospital. It was not reported if alcohol contributed to the crash or if any charges would be filed in the incident.

In many instances, an accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle could have been avoided had the vehicle driver been more careful. Because motorcycles are than most cars, a driver who is careless, speeding or intoxicated is more prone to crash into them. Since motorcyclists have little to no protection, they can be easily ejected from their bikes, even in low-speed crashes. The impact could leave them with broken bones or severe injuries to their spinal cord, head or neck. Whenever a negligent driver crashes into a motorcyclist, the biker may wish to consult with a personal injury lawyer to see if filing a claim against the at-fault driver is appropriate. The accident report and witness accounts might reveal information to substantiate the injured party’s allegations of negligence. Compensation resulting from these types of claims usually includes medical and property losses. In some cases, the plaintiff may receive non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Source: NOLA, “Motorcyclist injured in Monday morning Metairie crash,” Michelle Hunter, March 2, 2015

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