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18-wheeler hits 3 cars in front of Louisiana Walmart

According to the Louisiana State Police, an 18-wheeler driven by a 27-year-old man hit two cars stopped at a red light from behind and then hit another car head on. The accident occurred on Highway 90 in front of the Boutte, Louisiana, Walmart store.

Troopers claimed that the truck driver was intoxicated. Along with charges of reckless operation and injuring three people because of his negligence, he was arrested for DWI. After having his bond set at $22,500, he was placed in the Nelson Coleman Correctional Center.

His 18-wheeler had been heading east when it hit the first two cars. Both of those drivers received minor injuries. The driver of the third vehicle that the big truck hit head on suffered broken bones and needed to go to a local hospital. The truck finally stopped in a ditch. A female witness described the accident as very frightening.

Although this case indicates intoxication, some investigations reveal that truck accidents result from truck driver fatigue or distracted driving. When people suffer injuries in those types of accidents, the truck driver, insurance company or trucking company might be held accountable for medical costs and lost income. An attorney could help an injured person determine if a personal injury lawsuit has the potential to recover damages. Help obtaining accident reports and other documentation needed to prove negligence might also be available from an attorney. Negotiations with an insurance or trucking company might also be necessary to gain a settlement. Assistance from an attorney might help a person avoid denials and obstruction from responsible parties.

Source: St. Charles Herald-Guide, “Truck driver crashes into three vehicles in Boutte, charged with DWI,” Thomas M. Baker, March 20, 2015

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