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Volvo working on super safe car

Louisiana residents may be interested to learn that Volvo is working on a car that could potentially eliminate all car accident deaths. Volvo has been tracking the number of fatalities and serious injuries involving its vehicles, and the Swedish car manufacturer says that it is now using that information to develop a death-proof car.

By combining several automated safety technologies into one vehicle, Volvo says that it could make a car by the year 2020 that could be driven with no risk of death or serious injury. Although Volvo is working on a car that combines manual driving with automated technology, the company says that it believes self-driving cars will ultimately become the safest vehicles on the roads.

One of the most effective safety technologies that Volvo is planning to use on its vehicles is lane assistance. Cars equipped with lane assistance utilize cameras and a warning system to send an alert to a driver the moment that the driver starts to drift out of their lane. Another autonomous safety technology that Volvo is using is adaptive cruise control, a cruise control technology that uses radar to detect the speed of nearby vehicles so that a car always maintains a safe following distance.

Although automated safety technologies can reduce a driver’s chances of getting into a serious accident, the technologies cannot prevent a negligent driver from driving recklessly. When there is evidence that a car accident was caused by one driver’s reckless actions, the victims and their family members may choose to sue the driver for monetary compensation. A personal injury attorney may be able to help car accident victims to evaluate the monetary losses that an auto accident caused and pursue financial compensation.

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