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Truck accident causes 10th bridge fatality

A safety truck driver, 57, was killed on a Louisiana causeway when a garbage truck hit his vehicle on Nov. 3, causing it to fall into Lake Pontchartrain. According to authorities, this represents the 10th fatality on that part of the bridge where barriers are low. Recent attempts to raise the height of the barriers have not been funded as of this time.

The truck accident happened as the garbage truck failed to slow down approaching a work convoy with the safety truck behind it. The safety truck is made to absorb the force of a crash keeping convoy workers unharmed. Workers were unable to rescue the driver from the lake. The body of the submerged truck driver was removed after 5 p.m.

The trash truck continued on after the crash and hit a police vehicle. Its driver was extricated from his truck and was not hospitalized after an onsite examination, officials said. According to police, the truck driver said an aerosol can, which officials were unable to find as of Nov. 4, kept him from applying the brakes. A causeway official said he believed the truck driver was not attentive and would likely face charges although he was not speeding.

Truck drivers who do not focus on the road may cause an accident resulting in the death of another driver, as in this case. The family of the victim may experience financial problems due to his or her death. They may choose to file a wrongful death suit to recover the loss.

An attorney in a similar case may review the accident to determine who was at fault including negligence by the state to maintain a safe highway. The attorney may help the family by filing the suit, negotiating settlement or litigating in court.

Source: Daily Journal , “Bridge officials: Garbage truck driver blamed fatal crash on rolling aerosol can”, November 05, 2014

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