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Knowing your legal and medical options after a brain injury

In so many ways, the things that define you — your wishes, fears, memories, passions, knowledge, love — are all housed in your brain. When someone suffers a serious brain injury, every aspect of that person’s life could be affected. That is why proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation after a brain injury are so important.

At The Law Offices of W.A. “Chip” Forestall, Jr., we understand the difficulties faced by people who have suffered head and brain injuries. When such an injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, it is important that the victim and the victim’s family are aware of their legal options for obtaining compensation for losses now and in the future.

A full battery of tests — including CT scans, PET scans, MRIs, EEGs and X-rays — may be necessary to detect the full extent of a brain injury. Opinions from multiple professionals, such as neuro psychologists and psychiatrists, may also help in making a correct diagnosis. Handling all of these matters can be overwhelming and extremely expensive for a brain injury victim, and it helps to have all of the financial bases covered.

In many cases, a personal injury lawsuit is the only way for brain injury victims to receive the compensation they need. An attorney with experience in handling brain injury claims can gather and present all of the related evidence, as well as assess the long- and short-term costs of the injury. These steps are necessary to maximize compensation.

To learn more about our Louisiana law practice, please visit our brain injury overview.

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