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4 ways to avoid serious accidents this Halloween

Halloween is supposed to be an entertaining and scary night when people dress in costume, tell ghost stories, go trick-or-treating and have fun. But in the midst of all the candy, parties and excitement, it can be easy for people to forget about basic safety and serious accidents can occur.

Think about it: On Halloween night, neighborhood streets will be filled with kids in costume. They are excited, running around and may even be wearing costumes that limit visibility. Additionally, teens might be sneaking around in the dark to scare others while adults may just want to escape it all and head out to a party with friends. In any of these situations, someone could end up seriously hurt in an accident when people are not acting safely.

In order to hopefully prevent a devastating accident from happening, it is crucial for New Orleans residents to remember and exercise basic safety practices. There are four ways that people can dramatically decrease their risk of causing or getting into a motor vehicle accident.

  • Don’t drive drunk: People often drink alcohol at parties on Halloween. Rather than take the risk of causing a drunk driving accident, those who drink should plan ahead and secure a designated driver.
  • Pay attention: Motorists and pedestrians should be alert on Halloween. People should put the phone down, look both ways at intersections and observe traffic laws.
  • Slow down: It is crucial for drivers to slow down, especially in residential areas where kids are present.
  • Be visible: Motorists should use turn signals and make sure headlights are on so they can see; pedestrians should wear reflective tape or have flashlights so they can be seen.

Each of these safety measures should be taken every time a person gets behind the wheel. But the reality is that there are many drivers who ignore their responsibility to be safe while driving and make decisions or take risks that put other people in danger. When this happens, people can get seriously injured or even killed in a car accident that could have been prevented, which is much more frightening than any Halloween trick.

Even though it is impossible to prevent every car accident from happening, hopefully people will make a concerted effort to drive and behave safely on Halloween.

Source:, “Halloween Driving Safety Tips,” accessed on Oct. 31, 2014

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