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July 2014 Archives

Police: SUV turned left in front of bike in fatal Thibodaux crash

It happens all too often on Louisiana roads: the driver of a car or a truck doesn't see an approaching motorcyclist and turns left in front of the bike. A collision occurs, and the injuries to the motorcyclist are severe and sometimes fatal.

Bill would increase insurance coverage in truck accidents

Injurious auto accidents lead to questions of insurance coverage and liability, and some of the most devastating crashes involve large commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, the minimum liability insurance required for the trucking industry may not cover the full cost of a serious accident. This leaves injured motorists wondering how they will pay for medical care and other damages.

Despite warnings, distracted driving a serious risk in Louisiana

The vast majority of car accidents in Louisiana are preventable. Drivers can follow a few simple rules to reduce the risk of a crash: never drive while intoxicated; never drive while fatigued; and always remain focused on the task of driving.