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Truck Accidents Archives

New training to be mandated for truck drivers

Some people are criticizing a new federal rule for truck driver training in Louisiana and throughout the U.S. because they say it doesn't go far enough in ensuring new drivers have sufficient behind-the-wheel time. The new federal rules went into effect as of June 5. However, there is a lengthy implementation period, as carriers and trainers will have until February 2017 to be in compliance.

Annual safety inspection campaign will span 72 hours

Louisiana motorists who plan to be driving during the 2017 International Roadcheck event may want to know more about the annual safety inspection spree. Set to begin on June 6, the inspection blitz is scheduled to take place over 72 hours across the U.S. and in Canada. Safety inspectors will check approximately 15 commercial vehicles per minute for safety violations.

Supreme Court paves way for sleep apnea regulations

Louisiana truck drivers might be likelier to face new regulations about sleep apnea following a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court declined to hear a case in which a truck driver claimed that his employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by asking him to get tested for sleep apnea.

New technology aims to make trucking safer

Louisiana residents may be familiar with autonomous truck technology. A company called Starsky Robotics is aiming to make it possible to control a truck remotely from an office. The truck is fitted with a kit that allows a person to control the steering, throttle and transmission. The company relies on front and side-facing radar, computer software and cameras to allow the truck to navigate on the highway.

NHTSA, cellphones and distracted driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has asked cellphone makers like Samsung, Motorola and Apple to help them protect road users in Louisiana and around the country from distracted drivers. According to the federal safety agency's figures, about 10 percent of those who lost their lives in road traffic accidents in 2015 were killed in a collision that involved at least one distracted car or truck driver, and the widespread use of cellphones and other mobile devices while behind the wheel is seen as a leading reason for this type of crash.

Operation Safe Driver Week results announced

Law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and around the country take part in Operation Safe Driver Week every fall. The annual week-long safety effort is organized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, and its goal is to reduce the number of collisions involving semi-tractor trailers and passenger vehicles. The 2016 edition began on Oct. 16, and the results were announced by the CVSA on Dec. 7.

Autonomous trucking obstacles

Louisiana drivers might soon see autonomous trucks on highways. However, the American Transportation Research Institute released a report stating that major obstacles to full nationwide adoption still remain. The report mentioned improvements that must be made to the infrastructure and road systems.

Safety week identifies a number of truck brake violations

Louisiana drivers might be safer following the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's Brake Safety Week. Between Sept. 11 and Sept. 17, more than 18,000 trucks were inspected for brake violations. In all, around 3,900 trucks were removed from service. For 2,352 trucks, the problem was brake violations while for about 1,100 there were other violations in addition to problems with the brakes.

International Roadcheck looks to keep roads safe

Louisiana residents may be interested to know that 3.4 percent of drivers given a Level I inspection were taken out of service during the 2016 International Roadcheck 72-hour inspection event that took place between June 7 and June 9. This was according to data released on Oct. 20 by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. In addition 21.5 percent of trucks inspected during the event were put out of service. Brake violations were the most common reason for trucks to be put out of service.