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Brain Injuries Archives

Signs that a concussion may be serious

A person who is in a car accident in Louisiana may suffer from a traumatic brain injury. This injury may not always be immediately apparent, so it is important to know the signs. It is also important to note whether someone who has been diagnosed with a concussion has lingering symptoms. In some cases, symptoms may appear weeks or months later, and people may be unaware of them. Children, teenagers and older adults are the most likely to suffer from long-term symptoms.

Saliva test shows which kids have prolonged concussion symptoms

Louisiana parents may be interested to learn that a spit test could help determine whether a child's concussion symptoms will last for several days or weeks. The spit test was shown to be about 90 percent accurate while a commonly used concussion survey is accurate in about 70 percent of cases.

The brain's natural protection against traumatic injury

Just as cars have suspension mechanisms that provide protection from bumps, the brain has a protection system in the form of membranes that provide cushion from impacts. For people in Louisiana who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, these membranes have failed to cushion the brain. In an effort to prevent or reduce TBI, researchers are looking at this system of protection more closely.

TBIs and children

Traumatic brain injuries are injuries to the head that affect how the brain normally functions. Parents in Louisiana should be familiar with the long-term effects this type of injury can have on children and adolescents.

Links between concussions and Alzheimer's risks

Traumatic brain injuries that are classified as moderate-to-severe are considered risk factors for brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's. Louisiana residents who have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries, or concussions, and have a genetic risk for Alzheimer's should be aware that they may also have an added link to the accelerated mental decline and brain deterioration common with the disease.

Improving outcomes for traumatic brain injury patients

When Louisiana residents suffer a traumatic brain injury in a car crash, fall or other serious accident, it is imperative that they receive medical attention as soon as possible. This is because, following the injury, the brain swells. This can result in damages that can may be severe enough to cause a disability or even death.

Brain injuries and sleep quality linked, study suggests

Louisiana patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may be interested to learn that, according to a study, there is a strong link between a person's recovery and their sleep patterns. It was suggested that, if hospitals could take steps to help patients restore normal sleep cycles, patients may recover more quickly.

Traumatic brain injuries and how to handle them

When Louisiana bicyclists and motorcyclists are involved in accidents with motor vehicles, they have a high risk of suffering from traumatic brain injuries. It is important for people to understand what to do if a traumatic brain injury is suspected as early treatment may help to prevent secondary conditions and worsened prognoses.

Study of war veterans shows link between head injury and PTSD

Louisiana veterans who have experienced head injuries may be interested in a recent study of 1,600 Marine and Navy personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to researchers, blows or trauma to the head correlated strongly with the development of post-traumatic stress disorder.