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Community Service

When people think of community leaders, they naturally think of Chip Forstall.

Not only in New Orleans, but all over the state and the region, his service to the community is felt by many.

His work on the Board of Supervisors for the schools of Southern University (two 4-year schools, one 2-year school, and the School of Law) has impacted higher education for years. He also works as a sponsor for Southern University of New Orleans.

Chip donated to Loyola University a special faculty lounge when it was needed on campus.

An alumnus of DeLaSalle High School in New Orleans, Chip has donated scholarships to the school to give underprivileged students the same opportunity he had to study at that historic institution.

Since 2007, Chip has been Chairman of the Board for DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust), a non-profit organization dedicated to placing technology-based personnel and equipment in over 150 schools in Louisiana and Mississippi. According to Chip, “It’s important to recognize that tomorrow’s leaders will come from those who utilize tomorrow’s technologies.”

He has also started a program to reward those educators who best monitored and retained students by giving those educators free vacation cruises.

Sponsorship and development of the arts has have also been part of his contributions to the area. His support of numerous bands, dance teams, ballet groups and more add to the culture of New Orleans.

He has also been a supporter and sponsor of sports organizations in the area. He has sponsored numerous runs, walks, and fairs that promote schools and their athletic departments.

He has also donated his legal services to the Boy Scouts of America as their Litigation Attorney. He has also sponsored some of their skills competitions and their Distinguished Citizens Award banquet.

Finally, if you think his heart has only touched the people of the gulf south, then you probably didn’t know he also produced TV ads for the SPCA to help animals in need.

For the good of his clients and the good of his community, Chip Forstall has been the essence of service. He is also a Member of the Loyola Society President’s Circle for Loyola University of New Orleans